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When you are located in one of the most densely populated regions of North America, you can sometimes be overlooked in favour of the bustling metropolises all around you. This seems to be the case with the city of Brantford in Southern Ontario.

Compared to the cities which surround it, Brantford municipality seems a bit like a village. The 90,000 residents or so that call the city home make it large in comparison to many other cities across Canada, but in the Windsor-Quebec City corridor, Brantford is a fairly small place. This is particularly obvious when one considers the proximity of some of the country's true metropolises. Toronto, just an hour away by highway, is the biggest with over five million people. Hamilton (just over 500,000) and Canada's "Tri-Cities" (Cambridge-Waterloo-Kitchener, another 400,000 plus) also dwarf the Brantford population in size.

The purpose of this website is to change that, and give Brantford a little bit of the exposure we think it deserves. This city has quite a few benefits that remain, for the most part, unrealized. Just what are those benefits? Let's take a look.


With an enviable location on the Grand River, the location of has historically been noted for its beautiful scenery. Modern Brantford has retained much of the natural beauty that has been part of the backdrop of the area for time out of mind, despite gaining success in the twentieth century as an industrial and transportation town.

Brantford's natural outdoor scenery is well utilized by the town, with a number of municipal parks providing great places for families to go on weekends and holidays, or just for a nice walk with the family pet in the summer time. In fact, the Brantford area has been noted as having some of the finest walking trails to be found around the entire province of Ontario. The Grand River also tends to serve the outdoor enthusiast population of Brantford in style. The River and its tributaries have healthy and abundant supplies of fresh water fish, including pike, trout, and perch. There are also great places to take a canoe trip of varying lengths.


Outdoor recreation is all fine and good, and so are looks, but what about the ability of a working person to support a family? Well, it is true that the city has until recently been in hard times economically speaking. While it was once host to a thriving manufacturing industry, many of the companies that called Brantford home were shut down in the 1980s and 1990s. However, all signs point to an economic picture in Brantford that is steadily improving. The unemployment rate in the city has fallen each year since 1993, and the city is now below the national average in this area.

There are a couple of reasons for the turnaround and for optimism in the future growth potential of the city. The first is the inclusion of the city in the region of Canada known as the Golden Triangle. This region is entitled thus because of the great potential and realized economic impact it has not just within Canada, but in North America as a whole.

The Golden Horseshoe is host to some of the most important international shipping routes on the continent, connecting many of the most densely populated cities of two countries to each other. The proximity of these municipalities, combined with a staggeringly large consumer base, has led to the region being hailed as one of the most important industrial developments in the world. The region literally hosts every industry imaginable, although this does not mean that every city is as diversified as the next.

The second reason to believe in a continued positive outlook for Brantford is the development of major transportation routes that, once again, use the town as a hub. A recent completion of a major highway meant that Brantford was once again solidly connected to cities including Hamilton, Toronto, Buffalo, and Detroit.

The choice of Procter and Gamble, Ferrero SpA and Westcast Industries, Inc. to locate their corporate headquarters in Brantford is further proof of a city whose financial fortunes are on the upswing. This means that Brantford is one of the best places in the country to invest in, as the potential returns far outweigh the risk. We look forward to bringing you more exciting news on what Brantford can do in the future here on this site.

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