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Featured Workshop | October 6, 2019

Outdoor Portrait Workshop

Learn to take breathtaking portraits outdoors, combining natural/ambient and strobe lighting.

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Featured Workshop | Satuday October 7th, 2017

Nude Colored Studio Portraits

Are you constantly progressing as a photographer? Feel like you have hit a plateau and need a way out of your rut?

Want to take your photos to the NEXT level?

THIS is where it all comes together for you! I'm going to show you how to achieve truly professional and stunning lighting, with a professional and stunning model. Then I’m going to show you how to edit these images like a pro!

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Featured Workshop | Saturday June 24th, 2017

West Coast Mountain Photo Tour by Helicopter!

Photograph the best of British Columbia’s West Coast. Fly over the mountains to see waterfalls, alpine lakes, and untouched nature.

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Upcoming Workshops

FREE Workshops / Meetups Every Month!

Want to take your photos to the NEXT level? Vancouver professional photographer, Pete Jones, and several other special guests will be hosting a series of workshops, demystifying many different facets of Photography and Post-Production techniques!


Composite Photography 101

Learn to build COMPELLING portriats, combining advanced photography & Photoshop techniques.

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HDR Cityscape Panoramas

Learn to enhance the dynamic range of the available light, by utilizing HDR techniques.

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Pete Jones, Vancouver Photographer
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